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John pork runs the streets of upper killay

Jonathon Rhos Pork , more famously known as John Pork, or John Porks, is an internet famous social media influencer and ex gangster mostly known for a picture of him calling Steven Steaks. He is shown as an autapomorphic pig holding a camera. There is some speculation of him being a Furry.

In Johns life, he was a gangster mostly known for his drug deals of marijuana and meth. He was known around Atlanta as an extreme gangster who would kill anyone who slightly aggravated him. He of course continued this behavior until he ''Saw the way of god" and decided to become a social media influencer. Once he made the discovery of Jesus Christ, he called his friend, Steven Steaks. Steven, being the dickhead he is, did not pick up and screenshotted the call, leading to the birth of the funniest image we know today.

He become involved with gangs when he was 10, deciding that he was a crip. He did drive-bys and killed bluds, he also had extremely controversial opinions about Bilals grandmas right toe. Unfortunately, John Pork was shot to death by gangsters known as Sabiel and Eduwin. It is said that these two indivisuals assasinated him because of his rising popularity. Sabiel and Eduwin were sentanced to 4 years in prison for such crimes.